New Free Workshop 

3 Reasons People Pleasing is Holding You Back

and What You Can Do About It

In This Workshop



How People Pleasing Shows Up in Your Life

Various definitions and how the behavior manifests itself in your daily life & relationships


Misconceptions about People Pleasing

What it really is and what it's not


Why People Pleasing is Holding You Back

3 most important reasons the behavior is keeping you from living your most authentic life & purpose


The Tools You Need to Stop

The strategies, mindset shifts and motivation you need to recover from the habit

You are worthy of balanced relationships, time for self and increased energy for life, love & purpose!

When you understand how the people pleasing pattern is holding you back, you can begin to break the habit and live in alignment with your authentic self! 

Join me to deepen your understanding of this pattern and begin moving forward.

This Workshop is a Must Attend if...

  • You're a kind and generous person but feel exhausted in some of your relationships due to over-giving
  • You often sacrifice your own comfort for the comfort of others
  • You label yourself a people pleaser but  wonder if it's an unhealthy habit for you

A Note From Anne...

This workshop is personal for me. Not only have I helped people break the People Pleasing habit in my role as a Licensed Therapist, but I've put in the work to break the habit in myself. I am in recovery from People Pleasing and I'd love to show you the way out and the freedom that's on the other side! 

See you inside the workshop!